SABU Returns to AEW: Wrestling Legend Joins at Double or Nothing

The great Sabu unexpectedly made his long-awaited comeback to AEW on Wednesday night. It was finally announced that Sabu will support Adam Cole in an unofficial bout against Chris Jericho at Double or Nothing as the lights faded and rumors abounded. The wrestling community was shocked by this sudden alliance when Sabu came out of retirement to help Cole and Roderick Strong take on The Jericho Appreciation Society.

With Sabu’s arrival at AEW, the organization has continued its exciting pattern of using seasoned wrestlers as mentors and compass figures. Sabu is a strange and unexpected pick to team up with Cole and Strong despite not having performed since 2021 due to his extensive experience and legacy in hardcore wrestling. Cole understood the necessity for a dependable ally in his camp, and Sabu’s presence fits the description well. Kyle O’Reilly was sidelined due to neck surgery, and Bobby Fish’s future with the organization was questionable.

It’s important to note that Sabu is related to another branch of the AEW family. Apart from Taz, Sabu was the only wrestler to hold the FTW Championship during his time in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), and the title has a notable history in AEW. Hook, Taz’s son, is the current champion of the FTW. Even though Sabu hasn’t been formally introduced as an AEW signed artist, his past connections to the organization through this tournament make for an interesting story.


The wrestling community has been shocked by Sabu’s sudden return to AEW. Sabu adds intrigue and unpredictability to the impending unofficial match between Chris Jericho and Adam Cole at Double or Nothing as Cole’s ally. Sabu’s involvement provides a layer of intrigue and the possibility for memorable moments due to his background in hardcore wrestling and a common history with AEW’s lineage. One thing is certain: Sabu’s comeback has rekindled the enthusiasm and excitement of AEW fans all across the world as they eagerly anticipate the match between The Jericho Appreciation Society and Cole’s side.


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