Battle Over Ballots: Kari Lake Challenges Arizona Governor's Race Defeat in Signature Verification Lawsuit 

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Kari Lake, a Republican candidate in the Arizona governor's race, is challenging her defeat to Democrat Katie Hobbs in court.

Lake was a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump and promoted his election  during her campaign.

Most election deniers conceded after losing their races, but Lake did not. The Arizona Supreme Court revived one claim in Lake's lawsuit

which challenges the implementation of signature verification procedures on early ballots in Maricopa County. 

Lake alleges that Maricopa County officials failed to perform higher-level signature verifications on mail-in ballots flagged for inconsistencies.

Three workers involved in lower-level signature verification testified that they experienced high rejection rates due to mismatched signatures.

Attorneys for Arizona election officials argue that the workers' speculation does not constitute a violation of the law or misconduct.

Lake's claim has not been dismissed, and she faces the challenge of proving that signature verification efforts affected the outcome of her race. County officials maintain their confidence in court.